Monday, 28 May 2007

Liu Geng Hong's 2nd Album

Liu Geng Hong's 2nd Album
"City of Angels"

Mr Muscle, 刘耕宏 -Will Liu, just released his 2nd Album, "City Of Angels"...
He released his 1st Album last year and had quite a few memorable songs e.g 彩虹天堂, 心灵交战, 情画. With the appearance and campaign support by Jay , alot of Jay fans also supported him... However, some hard-core fans of Jay, doubted 刘耕宏's ability to compose those nice songs....

This time round, his 2nd album Jay didn't involved in the making, 刘耕宏 composed almost all of the songs in this album... After listening some of the songs online, i was quite disappointed, cos i missed those 'dark-feel' songs in the previous album... hmm this time round, his love songs are 'brighter', and tempo of songs are lighter too... other than this change in mood, i felt this album has some christianity-influenced which i'm wondering if it should be in a pop-music setup... in some songs there were mentions of places named in bible, including a god praising song.

Overall, i feel the songs reflects his efforts of establishing his music.. Shown more of his style rather than a replica of Jay's music... I think you will accept it better after a few play of the CD... These are some songs that you might want to preview before buying... His 1st campaigning song, 迦南美地 is one that left some impression, another love song is 什么是爱, which is playing now... simple and nice lyrics... next song is a song he wrote for his good friend, none other than Jay... the lyrics are provided below... you will find it quite 'funny'... but its a song with a strong statement to people who thinks he is just a shadow behind Jay, telling them not to support him because of Jay... He wants to make his name known for his efforts and ability...


暗地里的跟踪 让人心痛
我们交情很久 我们认识已经很久
以前 想要找到陶醉的心要找到我
这问题到底 谁该谁去烦恼
想知道 那就麻烦各位自己去找
因为我们大家都只是好朋友别害我出卖朋友 请你不要再来问我
我有我的音乐 我的事情没有~
没什么障碍不能跨越 我要~极限
彼此看我的身材象不象 健身教练
听听着音乐 进入意想的世界
不想再跟谁比帅 我就是自成一派
不想耍不择手段 no no 不要耍赖
不想要活得无奈 生命中要有挑战
不想要被现实带坏 no no不要乱盖
其实到了现在 我还是有点想念
那跟着我的后面 有点腼腆[missing lyrics]
彼此见能跟陌生人说话 不到两句的画面
碎碎念hei 给你些建议
你有你的目的 要懂得感谢上帝
各形 各色千百种
就算事情再多 也要常常思索
不论平伏起落 都能长长久久

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