Monday, 14 May 2007

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New Year Resolution/Wish List: To renew friendships and be a better person.
for the past year, due to NS... i only had about 50 - 70 days of weekends book outs and off days, and many of these days, were burnt for in camp training, and to beach rd - again for army... during the available free time, i did managed to go out with some grps of frens, but on the other hand i lost touch with other frens.... furthermore, i was active with SWAMI's volunteer work... it gave me less time.... i hope in the coming year, whereby i don't need to serve as much NS liability as before, and have more time to my control, i can find chances to renew friendships that i 'lost'... i also hope to control my temper better and continue to help. for the past year, my temper went out of control several times.... the frustration and desperation i suffered in camp increased the 'magma' in my volcano... i hope i can neutralise the 'magma' more, when i'm faced with problems.... and i definitely must stop myself from cursing and swearing so much...

Wish List (non-material)
1. Successful operation & smooth recovery
2. Happy year
3. A happier birthday than last year
4. Complete some of the incomplete song
5. Sing better and more singing sessions
6. Know what I want to do after NS

1. PS3 (year end)
2. Travelling (year end)
3. A slightly professional camera (complimentry with travelling)

actually i don't really need any material item.... these 3 is i squeeze my head out one....not impt also.. i rather the non-material list come true...

2 January 2007, 4:30pm [Previous Entry]

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