Saturday, 19 May 2007

Sing Sang Sung Sing Song....


haha... finally.... after so long... i've moved my moods from homepage to blogger... now its call Hydrology~ no need me to elaborate why liao ba... guess everyones clever enough to understand why... haha... hope you guys accept the changes i made...

hmmm... haha this week i sang to my content... went with Glyn, Mat, Jacky last sat... it was time for our monthly singing gathering... as usual we went all out to have fun... after singing... for the first time we had supper together at "Xin Wang"... while Q-in we saw Belinda Lee, Li Wei Lian [i don't know him but Glyn & Mat said he is also a celebrity] and their friend.... they were asking me if we were in Q... haha it was quite obvious lah...i replied, "yes and those people behind are also in Q..." then they still went to ask the waitresses.... aiyo~ i'm not a bully or liar leh.. i'm a honest boy! :X

anyway here are some videos, voice recordings and photos to share...

Jacky singing Gary's song again~


Yummy Contestant 1

Yummy Contestant 2

Yummy Contestant 3

Yummy Contestant 4

first up is Jacky singing "Ai Cuo"

Next is Mathilda & Jacky singing a duet, "I Still Believe"

Glynis~ singing "Ren Zhi"

Me & Jacky Singing "Bei Pan"

now is Mathilda's turn to win your ears~ with "Superwoman"

And lastly, Me singing "Can Fei"

hahaha... after listening to our amateur singing... its still time for more singing... now in the form of voice recordings... these are some of the better ones out of the 30 files we recorded... haha..

"Wo Ke Yi" (spoil liao lah version) - Me and Jacky: haha i spoilt my singing~

"Wo Hen Xiang Shuo" - Me and Mat: luckily she saved my singing

"Feng" - Mat & Glyn: wow wow~!

"High High High" - Glyn & Mat

"Zhuan Shu Tian Shi" - Me & Jacky

"Cai Hong Tian Tang" - Me & Jacky

"Wo Yao Kuai Le" - Jacky: wow~ challenged A-mei leh...

"Yi Zhi" - Me: another zao sia singing~

"Shan Hu Hai" - Mat & Jacky

alright... guess you had enough of our singing...
btw, try not to d/l all the songs at one time.. cos got limited bandwidth... if you have problems d/l can wait for a while then d/l or get the files from me... :p
hahaha.... thats all for my 1st Hydrology~