Sunday, 4 May 2008

A Small Twist of Fate~

2 Twists of Fate

Recently, in fact just within 3 days, i experienced twice-twist of fate....everything seems so damn wrong and negative, but within 3-4 hours in the day, the incidents took a new twist and everything seems so fine...

The first twist happened last Wednesday, i was helping my client with some admin work and was able to secure the deal but i didn't expect that what i've helped resulted in some negative chain reaction on my production and commission. It was like damn sway lah. I was just being helpful and i don't expect any thing in return, but i end up causing myself into more problems. My manager was like ranting and asking me that why i didn't know that my helpful act won't pay off. Then he cited some compliance issues that i would get myself into. I'm already very demoralised, after knowing that the sales might not be counted. I didn't feel like he is providing me any solutions. That adds up to my disappointment. And the worse thing is that i have to attend Kai Cheng's birthday, meaning i cannot sulk my face or feel sad. I tried to hide my disappointment and crapped during the celebration at Turf City. The food was great, all thanks to Mr Ho Kai Cheng~! First time eat, 'Buddha Jump Wall'... During dinner, my senior called, he proposed to me a possible solution and it was like oh... so hopeful... then everything was smooth after that, but i still don't know if there will be any underwriting problem, i seriously hope not...~

The 2nd twist was on Saturday. I went for the Semi-finals of Singout '08 - a singing competition. Guess most of you don't know about it. Anyway, I was sabotaged in a way to join the competition. There were 32 contestants (including me and Jacky). The contestants were relatively strong. But i do want to go into the finals, partly because of the Finals' venue: DBS Auditorium. I was performing at the venue, 18 years ago~ I remember my primary school choir instructor picked me and another friend to perform with her outside students in a combine concert. Ok, back to the semi-finals, I was number 23 and i waited from 12 - 4pm then it was my turn to be perform. Dear and Kelvin were there to support us. I sang 'can fei' and kneeled towards to end of the song, despite my knee injury. I had to add it into my performance to leave an impression. In the end, i received quite a good response/applauds from the crowd, considering that they didn't really clap much for most of the contestants. Quite happy about my performance. But at the announcing of results, i was eliminated. The organiser gave a surprise by allowing 2 more guys and 2 more girls to go into the finals. They picked 8 contestants up stage and i wasn't one of them. At the end of the day, me and jacky didn't go into Finals.

Both of us were joking about what happened after the competition, although we were disappointed but i think we handled it well. I was damn tired, so i decided to go home with dear after the dinner. While taking a nap in bus, my hp rang~ The number seemed like my office number, I was expecting something like "Hi I'm XXX, calling from Prudential..." but it turned out to be "Hi I'm Tommy, calling from Music Story, I would to inform you that you have advanced to the finals." I was like...huh? Is a this a prank? I was exhilarated and surprised. Speechless.... I'm in the finals!

Dear friends, I need your support now. The finals will be on 14 June 2008, 6pm, DBS Auditorium. The tickets are at $10 if you booked from me before this Thursday (08/05). If not it will be the usual price @ $15. You will be entitled to 5 votes during the event and 50% of the result will be from voting, the other 50% by professional judging. If you are interested, call/sms me now! If you're a passerby, and interested, can email me @

I'll be judged for; Round 1- Duet, Round 2-Fast Song. Then only top 4 contestants will go into round 3 to face-off to be the Champion of 1st Singout.

Round 1: 20% Votes / 80% Professional Judging
Round 2: 50% Votes / 50% Professional Judging
Round 3: 50% Votes / 50% Professional Judging

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