Saturday, 29 March 2008

My New Job

My New Job

These few months working as a Recruitment Officer with my current company had enriched me. Learnt alot of things and met of lot of people. Another happy thing, is that I'm recognised in the company for my effort. Somehow, my recruitment result was set as a benchmark. I'm seriously not used to the kind of recognition especially when I'd seldom receive commendation in the past. Even the colleagues know me, and often refer me as a senior recruiter, or best recruiter in the company. They remember me of my results and my recruitment campaign. Seriously, to my own standards it not even good. Everytime, I hear those flattering comments, I feel flattered and actually pressurised, as the expectation are getting higher. But I believe that I continue with my belief in recruitment and maintain the pace, it shouldn't be a problem to meet the ultimate target.

Now, I've moved on to the next stage of my career with the company. After going through a series of studies, training, and tests, I've finally qualified to provide financial advisory service. My manager had discussed with me, I'll continue to serve the company as Recruitment Officer, and has the flexibility to do advisory sales during free time. This means that my life will be fully-packed from this mention onwards, but I'm happy with it. This is the time to work at optimum effort to see results and rewards. I want to win back the time I lost during my education path.

Having decided to join the Financial Service industry, means that I'll definitely work towards making this a lifetime job, to serve my policyholder as long as I'm alive. This is my commitment I give to my prospects.

Being someone who believes in savings and financial planning even before being a consultant, this new job provides me more comprehensive tools to plan for myself and for others. I hope you guys start planning for yourself. Be it with me, or with others or even by yourself, I seriously urge you to start planning, and not spend to the last cent in your bank.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead. Wish myself all the best!
Take care!

the textbooks and notes that i 'swallowed' within the past 1-2 months...

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