Sunday, 18 May 2008

I Don't Want To Be A Cockroach!

I Don't Want To Be A Cockroach!

In any industry/society, there will be the good and bad people. The general impression about the insurance industry probably had a more negative image in the past, which continues to be imprint in many minds and has been passed down the family line.

Sometimes, i just hope people can think of the bigger picture, realising the need and importance of having at least some extent of protection. Insurance - now more known as Financial Services Industry, does not only revolve around death, critical illness, disability, terminal illness, but also retirement planning. investment to enchance wealth, and mid-long term savings planning.

You shouldn't be suprised when you hear someone saying that he/she don't give a damn if he/she departs the world today, because some people i met are that irresponsible about their life and their loved ones.

You shouldn't be surprised when you hear people saying that I don't need to spend out of my own pocket, he/she can always go seek help from government, because i've met people saying this, and it was from a family man- who is a sole breadwinner.

You shouldn't be surprised when you hear people saying that I don't need much money for funeral-final expenses, hence he/she don't need insurance, because i've also heard this before.

You shouldn't be surprised that some people thinks that as long as they marry a rich partner, they don't need any planning for themselves and should invest on their appearances, or other areas to get geared up to meet the golden turtle, again because i've seen and heard it all.

You shouldn't be surprised that people start evaluating me, whether i'll stay long in the career or evaluating whether i'm meeting them for a purpose to sell them some thing, because haha... its true.. I won't be surprised at all.

No matter what reasons these people gave for not accepting the idea of planning, i seriously don't think i should give a damn, because i don't need to talk to people who can't be responsible for themselves. They better let inflation and the miserable interest rate 'eat' their money or let do their own investment if they think they are good at it [at least they lose the money in their own hands] or let them just simply spend their money to their last cent; why should i bother when they can't be bothered?

Back to the topic, there are bad consultants out there doing all sorts of wrong things. I hope you realise you are shity and hope you don't make it and quickly get out of the industry. We need some clean air. I'm witnessing some big agencies doing massive recruitment using all sorts of wrong methods. I'm sad, sad for those who joined, and sad that they are making us in the industry looking like monsters and scaring away alot of people. Be responsible recruiter, and be responsible consutant! argh~

I hope people realise that I'm not a cockroach, but a consultant who wishes to see my clients/friends, to have enough for retirement, don't need to worry if any misfortunate events happens, and can have a good financial status in time to come. Well, it takes alot of hardwork to prove this point, and i hope it won't take too long to let YOU realise this fact.

I Want To Be Your Lifetime Consultant!

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