Thursday, 22 May 2008

My First Singing Competition

My First Singing Competition
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Quarterfinals - Wo Ai De Ren

I was really nervous. The thought of singing in front of a group of strangers and some of them are actually learning singing- meaning they can be quite qiang, I was thinking of ways not to become a joke. After seeing my video, I think I had many pitching problems throughout the song, and my body language was lousy! When I saw this video, I was like.... ermmm... ok looks and sound...erm... ya~ The judges commented that my shoulders were stiffed. They mentioned that my chorus[s] have not much differentiation/variation. And my mic control was not ideal, affecting the reception of my voice. The good thing they like was generally my tone techniques used, to bring emotions. I didn't managed to complete the song, but I was eventually given green light to semi-finals based the length/timing of my performance.

Semi Finals - Can Fei

It was a long wait before my turn, by the time my turn came, i was feeling dehydrated and super nervous liao. Actually my eyes were not really opened cos my bloodstream was folding super fast! Anyway, this performance wasn't good enough too. I didn't feel anything while watching the video, and my body language was as bad as the Quarterfinals. I feel its a normal performance lor, maybe it sounds too safe and normal ba. No wonder I didn't go thru' directly. Hmm... I will try to do better in the grand finals. Wish me luck! Supporters are still welcome to contact me regarding ticketing :)

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