Thursday, 12 June 2008

Pre Finals Feeling

Pre-Finals Feelings

Dear Hydrology,

h2o is having alot of mixed feelings. These 2-3 months of audition, quarter-finals, semi-finals to now grand finals, have been a rough and tough journey... Its kinda of weird that i would agree to join when Jacky & Evelyn asked me.. But since i was there at the audition, must as well just just participate for experience.. Audition was super last min, i just went on singing my best song that time - wo ai de ren. I was very nervous, my ears were red lah.. Jacky can be my witness! But i believed that I could at least be qualified, after all my singing isn't too bad rite? :p And when the judges gave me positive comments, I was like 'wow!', i'm actually not too bad to listen for the professional ears of the judges.

Then quarter-finals came, i was still feeling nervous, but this time not holding to much believe, cos its like so few space for semi-finals and so many good contestants.. When i was there at the music school, i felt very uneasy, cos alot of them looked like they want fame more than to sing the story of the songs... I was first to sing, and i didn't managed to sing the full song, it reduced even more of my chance, but i guess i was lucky, my timing was long enough to make me one of the semi-finalist.

It was only when I was in Semi-Finals then i started to dream of more... I wanted very much to perform at DBS auditorium, becos i was performing there about 14 years ago, when my choir instructor invited me and 1 other friend to perform with her other students... That day at the semi-finals was a long long wait, and so many good contestants lor. It seems so impossible to get to finals. And eventually i didn't managed to get in. Was disappointed but glad that i could go so far. Maybe god was on my side that day, I was selected to replace one of the finalist which they decided to eliminate due to some reasons. And alot of people encouraged me, Glynis, Jacky, Kelvin Lim, Mathilda, Jaymee, and many more... When Glynis told me that her sis, helped me with some good words, and told her that she believe of more capability, i told myself that i have to do justice to her believe in me! The fact that i was given such a rare chance i have to do well, and I really sacrificed alot of work time for rehearsals and practices. From just singing to putting the acting element to the performance. I must do more in order to challenge the pros in the finals. And i believe my hardwork will be seen soon. Seriously, Jacky, Glynis, Mathilda definitely knows that i am damn bad at memorising lyrics lor... KTV got words i also sing wrong... lol... I hope i don't make mistakes during the finals!

I've gotten quite a good support from alot of friends and their friends. I believe on Saturday nite, my 40 strong 'fans' will help me to cheer and witness my hardwork. For those who can't make it, i'll try to get someone video it... :) Wish me luck!

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