Monday, 16 June 2008

Post Competition Feelings

Post Competition Feelings

Finally its over, that very evening ended so fast... The good news first, my partner, Wendy and I won the best duet. She emerged as 1st runner up. Proud of her! :) She is really a talent! Seriously, I am totally impressed by her! She can sing and can dance damn well! 200+ awards over 4 years. And she is only 14! Wendy, i really appreciate the chance to able to sing and collaborate with you! :) all the best for future...~

That day was damn bz lor, morning had to find money changer for dear...cos we were looking for russia currency... then went to style my hair by Anne-my prefered stylist... then drove down to DBS auditorium. My clothes were like so many lor... and the other barang barang, i had to split the load twice lor~ cos i had to protect the condition of the clothings.. Then did our rehearsal, I sucked lor... and i didn't know... they say i sang flat for quite a few notes...which i didn't realise.... then my fast song's rehearsal, i couldn't jump much cos i wasn't wearing the actual costume, and my pants are going to drop down lor... i'm so damn affected by the 'flat' thing and the 'pants' thing...

After a few hours of preparation, it was time for performance... duet time, i nearly forgot my lyrics, and i wasn't into the song till the middle... but overall everyone said it was nice... and i was in top 8 for the first round. It was unbelievable... That encouraged me abit... and I kept listening to my mp3 to memorise my fast song during the interval... and when it was time to perform i just act like a 'crazy' person lor... kekez...enjoyed the fun on stage lah... but i know i didn't really attract alot of crowds...the audience were mostly, 'what the hell, he looked nerd' kinda of face... kekez... but some aunties laughed lah... i saw!... the judges no expression one kekez... so i ignored them wonder i lose... :p

When they annouced the top 6, i was just keeping myself positive... everyone got chance one... and of cos i didn't get mine... i witnessed alot of disappointment fr the contestants...and being the 'happy fruit' i remained high... i know the kinda of feeling... what i can do is to stay me if everyone starts to feel sad, it will be more sad lor... then bunny came to ask me out... i saw all of them-my supporters, sitting one row...they thought i was disappointed or sad... but they looked more disappointed and sad... i thanked them and all of them wanted to leave early... i tried to ask them stay, but they refused so i can't do anything but to thank them...later i came to know that they spent some money to support me and most of all they loved my performance which i'm really happy about... but they somehow thought it was abit unfair... i don't know how and don't wish to comment...cos personally i asked myself, if i think its unfair then why am i still here competing? how did i managed to get into finals? Maybe alot of people don't know how i think ba... i'm alien! :p anyway its sad to see everyone gone... afterall, i did win best duet and no one-or shld i say not many, were there clapping for me...

After the event, i was hoping to eat with someone... but none was there... i had to pack my own stuffs, and carry them...i was last to leave the changing room... and i struggled to my car... i called a few ppl but all were on way home or didn't answer... i suddenly felt so lonely and bad... i thought, "why is it that everyone is so realistic(xian shi)?" "lose only ma? so what? i'm the the one who lost, i'm ok leh... but why everyone like that?" "why no one was there for me, since u all know i lose...?" I was driving alone on the quiet shenton way, then suddenly radio played 'wo you chu lian le', i turned it off... cos I'm affected... Yes, maybe i'm disappointed, but it won't hurt so bad if more people were there with me thru out...It was when i'm alone then i feel emotions were kinda of collasping... Anyway, i managed to catch dear thru hp, and rushed down to her hoping for supper... i didn't eat whole day lor..only ate 2 sandwiches during the reception at 6pm...but when i reached, she was done with dinner with Chester and Dorine. In the end, i sent her home and ate with the couple.

I really appreciate all who came to support... its my first competition and i must say, the support was strong... just abit emotional abt the end... but its just my side of feelings when i didn't know why you guys did that... When Chester told me what happened, i agreed but still feel that you guys shld still stay lah.. at least to see me win best duet ma... :p anyway, i thank you guys again and to those who wished me luck but couldnt turn up...

Singout finalists, all of you did a great job! don't be sad! Collin will be there supporting you guys...! Thanks for enduring my cheesy and not funny jokes. We don't really know each other since i'm kinda of 'adopted'-fang lao shi's analogy... but I enjoyed the crapping session during the countless waiting time....

Wendy: "You are great! I can still hear your singing in my mind lor...Don't forget to study hard k... both studies and performing must be good! Jiayou! I'll support you!"

Zhuming: "Smile more! Sometimes i can't see your face lor(hair too much)... lol.. You have the potential, try showing more of those talents and i'm sure you will enjoy more! Congrats and all the best!"

Ben: "You always looked cute and funny when on stage...dont be shy lah.. we know you're not... lol...Congrats and all the best!"

PJ: "You're talented lor, Jap lah, Eng lah, Chinese lah, Tamil lah... all know how to sing...! You've got a nice voice! All the best!"

Vivian: "V-power is the best fuel Shell has leh, you also power leh... Ah mei voice packed in your small small frame... kekez... don't emotion liao... show your face abit more leh.. :p You are good but guess you need more experience and the direction on what you want to perform and the confidence to perform, jiayou!

Daphne: "You are so bubbly lor... haha... sometimes you got the blur look and sha da jie... kekez... all the best! Must take good care of your Vivian meimei and your lion hor!"

Winnie: "Yoz, your singing also good lor... at least i could recognise you and remember your 'ben lai'... your character also quite bubbly kekez..."

Jordan: "You are young and there's a long way ahead... you've got a pretty and supportive mum, must take good care of her too...! You are a nice guy, like don't have temper one lor... kekez... Jia you! All the best!"

Ivan: "Ivan! You are good too k! At least i felt that your 'wo bu hui chang ge' during semi-finals made me feel that your deserve the finals! Really, i told you before right... :p strengthen your weaknesses and i'm sure you will be more confident to perform those dance and fast songs!Jia you!"

Ella: "You have a power vocal! Have more confidence in yourself, and i'm sure you will stand on stage with the charm~ All the best!"

Seow Fong: "Da jie, you have the confidence to perform and the vocal too. Don't worry abt age! We know you have a young heart! All the best"

Anqi: "You really changed to another person on stage~ I like your performing attitude! Like normal person transform into superhero lor... You are impressive too... Jiayou k! All the best!"

Terence: "You are a veteran contestant liao... exprience is your strength, daring to venture into your unfamiliar is a your strength... and most of all you have a good appearance! Hope you will be recognised someday! All the best!"

Rial: "Your vocal is sexy. More experience will definitely help you understand how you can make better use of your strengths... All the best!"

Alton: "You have some advantages/strengths that others don't have... understand yourself better and i'm sure you'll be better! there's lots of opportunities ahead of you~ jia you~"

Meanwhile, no more competition for me liao at least for this year ba... i need to work hard liao... who knows maybe PSS 2009, i might try my luck~ then it will be my first time trying for it... Jacky, let's go together hor... lol...

Special thanks to these people: Dear, Chester, Dorine, Thomas (Boss), Boon Seng and gf, Stephanie and bf, Mandy, Minhui, Shangzhuang, Michelle, Cherie, Hanlin, Jacky, Mathilda, Shu Zhen, Bell, Kelvin Goh, Louis and gf, Desmond Ong, Justin, Felynn Jerlyn roommates and friends, Qiaoli and friends, Jimmy and gf, Mum, Uncle, Cedric... also to Jasmine, Jingyi, Rebecca, Minhui & Peiqi (CJC), Joan, Calvina, Evelyn, Glynis... whoever help and supported me in a way or another which i'm sorry that i can't recall at this moment...and lastly the Singout Finalists who have been thru the thick and thin together...

Signboards made by Stephanie~

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