Sunday, 13 July 2008

One of the many random entries

1 Of The Many Random Entries

Its been a month of owning my first car. 'Mr Black' was match-made by my mum and uncle. I requested for them to help me source for a good 2nd hand car, as they had more free time and my uncle used to be a car mechanic... I went online frequently to search/hunt for good buys, but they all end up to be either bad in condition, or was previously met with accident. After a long long period, one fine day when i reached home... they behaved suspiciously... then suddenly "come down here..." wah so serious i thought what happened. then my uncle showed me a receipt... haha they placed deposit for me on a 1 and half yr old Black Vios... I was like... huh?? I haven see the car b4... sure good or not? More over I was stunned lah, can't accept the fact that i am owning a car liao... After 2 days, on 11/06 'Mr Black' and I met. He looked simple and the condition was perfectly fine. The moment i opened the door, i felt the car was as good as new.

Of cos, 'Mr Black' don't come free... I'm not a rich man's kid. I had to pool my resouces and settle the first payment, and some miscellaneous... Financially, for this month was super tight, i had to dig into my emergency resource. I've never seen a -$11 in any account before... negative sia~ but thats the so call ATM account, keke...of cos i've got my other sources...

The whole month of June, was pretty was different, I no longer had to be frustrated in the morning rushing hours... I feel more relaxed these days... no more squeezing MRT & Bus, no more long waiting phone booking + standing by the roadside for those over-charging cabbies (i heard they are asking for fuel surcharge, wah lau think they are aeroplane now...)...

Its kinda of stressful this month... Sometimes its not that I'm not trying my best, but things just happen in a better way... Recruitment was really bad this quarter, most of the candidates were from referrals, only 1 was from me from the 'cold'. Interview rate dropped quite alot... I bearly meet 2 person a week...its that bad... The worse is to have to face indirect and direct pressure from superiors... I'm not the kind who will not work hard for the company, but its just not possible to be forever the best... Sometimes I really hate it when i see examples the raised which sounds and 'look' so much like they are referring to me...

Then current ppl that I've recruited, also problematic... I just don't understand how some people think... I feel irritated by their actions.. I was wondering if i had judgement problem nowadays... Some people just totally changed... not like the person i knew months ago... disappointed... not just disappoint by the person's working/learning attitude but also the person's values... When i don't like a person, I won't be able to make myself talk to the person, but as a HR person as a friend, I still care... but i just don't know how to show my concern more than my cold shoulders..

On the other hand, my sales was stable but still not ideal to my expectations...i'm not meeting enough people, knowing more people and not following up properly.. sometimes i must admit, the mood and time were affected by the poor recruitment result, and of cos last month's singout also took quite abit of my time away... But I'm glad to hear positive comments from some friends on me as their friend/consultant. At least, I'm not like those pushy type to them... but sometimes i get too over-excited and sounded like sales man...which i think its quite bad la... I'm not-a-salesman doing consultant-and-service-related sales... I'm a friend, a 3rd party who helps to look at a macro-view on clients' financial status...soemtimes we are just too focus on the micro and think that we don't need to think big, think long... so i'm here to help~

Singout related
DVD of 3 discs @ $20, available @ MusicStory

Just got the DVD, watched my performance and i think i looked weird lah... my mic control sucks big time~ my actions... wah lau eh... see liao i also paiseh... haha.. But still its a good momento...never got to keep my past performance videos, especially those acting ones i did in Millennia. Actually not only I was funny, my fellow contestants also had 1 or 2 funny moments... LOL... eh guys... go collect your DVDs! and by the way, when will we be singing again? And the getai that i mentioned the other time, need you guys to commit time for practice too. It shld be abt 3 week of August.

a short video of Wendy singout 'kan qing' at rehearsal

By the way, my partner Wendy has just recorded a singles CD for one of her competition in Malaysia. The CD includes her recording of 'Kan Qing' (by Qing Song Wan Yue Tuan) and a group song by the contestants. It is priced at appx S$9, and the sales will be computed for with her finals' result. She is really good! If you're interested, please let me know by this coming Tuesday.

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