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Updates July - Aug 08

'Tiny Boxers' Trip to KL

It was the first time i met the other tiny boxers, meaning an overseas trip with strangers. We arranged to meet at People's Park at 6:15am in the early morning. It was kinda of awkward initially, but being the odd one, i thought i should take the initiative to introduce myself to them...they thought i'm 18! Oh my, i look 18? haha... the fact that we're all friendly people, the ice melted pretty soon till the bus arrived and we all sort of knocked out on bus journey to Tuas.

Long Queues were awaiting us at Tuas, and due to our senior citizen's inadequate understanding of the use of new scanning machines, it held us back for kept awhile. The manual custom queues were also long. After most of us went thru the custom, our dear Marcus had problems going thru the computerised berth with his passport and had to re-q again at the manual queue which was as long as before..... we were stuck at the customs for more than an hour... to ease the anxiety i was acting with marcus like the scenes in war-flim whereby families/loved one are separated... lol... drama~ didn't expect him to act along with me, cos we didn't really talk on the bus... but that definitely open up our conversation later the trip... :)

We headed towards KL in dreamlandsssss, all of us spent most of the journey sleeping~.... but along the way, after one of the rest point, we gathered at the 'ktv' cabin of the bus, wanted to sing ktv despite only having hokkien MVs, but we ended up chit chating and these seniors 'forced' me to sing.. paiseh to sing lah... weird weird de.... but the more i don't sing, the more the persist, to the extent that i felt the expectations were growing higher.... to avoid that, i sang abit lah... and ya, normal lah... kekez... told u guys liao~ After the getting abit boring, we moved back to our seats and continued our dreamlands, some watched the videos and some played the old-school games - those that i used to play e.g Tanker, popeye, kungfu fighter...haha missed those days, carefree~

After another hour of journey, we arrived at a petrol station outside KL and transfered by a mini van to Quality Hotel. At the hotel, we checked in to the 3 rooms [courtesy of Kenn :) ] The girls checked into their rooms first while we guys had to wait for our room to be cleaned. While the girls were bus discussing on how to sqeeze themselves on the beds or bed, we guys tried to get the first touch/rest on their beds~! :p Then somehow, Liting started her phototaking act again... snapped zillions of photos~ We guys went to our room not long after, but to our disgust, our room stinked, like some un-washed clothes, anyway its a foul-smell, we tried to get the room service to do something, and all they did was spraying some fragrance to the aircon. The girls came over and complained our the smell, they thought it was us with our stinko nan ren wei... dot dot dot... we blasted the aircon and it smelled better.

Our late lunch was at Sogo near our hotel. We found this restaurant call, 'Nando', selling grilled chicken - concept like kenny rogers. They have 3 different chilli sauce that meets different demands. The food was not bad there but it has its own style of taste and favours. After lunch we went buy a bouquet of roses for Desiree, and we made our way back to hotel, planning to leave for the mini concert earlier, hoping to do some shopping near the venue. After failing to flag down cabs, we decided to book a van from the hotel to the venue.

When we went there.... haha we couldn't believe what we see.... the place is so new..... and sooooo...... quiet! its not a shopping place like we thought, and it is not a shopping centre but a cluster of shops and shophouses. AND there were not many shops opened yet~.... reaching there early left with a bigger BOREDOM~. The girls attempted to keep their hopes high as there was a nail spa opened, but the manicurist were busy and they were closing soon. Hence, we only could chilled at the restaurants and cafes. Me and a few of them were at starbucks for a cup of my fave Green Tea Frappe, while the rest went out of sight and unknown.

After the long wait, the mini concert was going to start! It was the first time i see meet Desiree, haha i was introduced as the 'newest junior'... I've never heard her singing also, hence the guys were busy promoting her CD's songs to me just before the show started. I briefly listened, and the show started. Desiree's live performance, i must say its NICE! I like her singing and stage presence too. A band group 'Crossfire' was playing for her and Diya showed up as guest. Desiree performed quite a few songs in her album, and there were some interaction in between. I bought her CD there, I'm sure its worth the value. After the show, we were invited to join the qing gong yan. But there were some delays in between, at first was vehicle arrangement problem too many ppl too little cars, then it was Kenn's tyre punctured, Crossfire members helped to change the tyre.

We went over to a nearby music cafe for the event, over there Desiree helped us signed on our albums, sort of a mini autography session :) can see she was quite tired le, but was on all smiles while signing for us. The group of us also had a small chat with Kenn. It was then midnite liao, going back to hotel again raise the vehicle arrangement problem, furthermore, the cabs were reluntant to enter the zone as it was in the opposition parties' territory and there were some protest in the afternoon in the vicinity. The operator of the call centre tried to appeal for cabs but failed. We thought were all going to be stuck overnite. Then suddenly, some hero cabbies were brave enough to accept the call and we finally managed to go back to hotel. It was abt 2am liao. When we were back, after bathing, we swopped room with the girls as our room has 2 beds, after combining will be bigger than the queen size in their room. We had a small talk after the swop and off we go to dreamland.

In the morning, we checked-out and went over to Sogo's foodcourt for breakfast together, after that went for short walk, then went back to hotel ready for the van to pick us up. On our way back, it was pouring heavily. Saw a major accident involving at least 5 vehicles on the expressway. The rain was so heavy till the rain started to leak till the roof vents of the bus. Water was raining down on some of us. We tried to tie plasticbags below the vents to collect the water, preventing it to reach other. After a few attempts and modification, we managed to stop the leakage. And the way home was quite quiet and so soon, we arrived Singapore~ End of my naggy entry abt the trip. :)

Hair Stunt

Haha but you won't see it in this photo~

Tinyboxer KTV
2 Weeks after the trip, some of us met up for a singing session~ I shan't talk much, the photos will tell the stories~ kekez i was the entertainer and Ms Liting aka Pineapple Stop snap snap snap zillions of photos again~ dot dot... i look ugly enough with my permed hair but she took all the wrong angle!

<-- all photos are mainly taken by this crazy snapper

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