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The Big Day of Janet & Ivan

Hair Construction AGAIN!

Bye Bye messy permed hair...

This time its the short neat look... :)

Big Day of Janet & Ivan
28th Sept 2008

Drove over to Janet's grandfather place in Hougang in the morning. I'm part of the Bride's team :p cos i know Janet longer than Ivan... haha... anyway, we prepared some door 'gifts' for the Ivan, which included Durian with Wasabi [Ivan hates durian!], D Super Mix [Sesame oil + Chilli oil + Beer + Egg + More], Brazilian Wax.... *Evil*

When the Groom team arrvived, Ivan had to provide Janet's IC number. He responded shiftly as though he had memorised it prior. Then he was treated with Brazilian wax on his hairy leg, haha the result was brillant! :p Later, he was served with Durian with Wasabi, he took it without fear, but the durian was at the edge of his mouth for quite some time before he took the courage to eat it. Next challenge was coming up with 10 cheng yu to describe love or a lady, which was tested the Groom Team. They took damn long to think and apparently Groom's mind went blanked! We gave them discount and leniency, eventually they passed. Last challenge was another mind cracker for them, that is to sing a love song loud enough for the opposite block neighbours to look out their windows. Aftter awhile of discussion, they decided on 'Ai Hen Jian Dan'... Before our Bride team open the gates for them, it was the most important segment - Ang Bao Extortion!

i must say that Ivan and his gang came without preparation of big bucks, but instead lots of foreign currencies. First Ang Bao they gave was only 88cents! Not sincere lah. Later, they gave a series of foreign currencies and it drag the own negotiation quite awhile. In the card, we managed to ask for a total of 8 Ang Haos...

our long negotiated prize

Ivan was later put to the last time, to sweet talk at the door to Janet. After 2 tries, the door opened... and finally the groom meets the bride and happy ever after................... haha it didn't just stop there... thereafter both teams drove over to Ivan's house for tea ceremony, and we drove back to Jane's place for tea ceremony too. After the long 'traditional' ceremony, the bride's team and bride & groom drove to Regent Hotel for wash up/refreshment and preparation.

The hotel gave the couple and complementary room, which they arranged it for us [brothers/sisters] to wash up. The room was great, very comfy and classy. The couple's wedding suite was not too bad either, spacious [1 bedroom, 1 living room]... Watched abit segment of Singtel F1 repeat telecast after washup, its quite shiok to see the background of the race are buildings you & I are familiar of.

5pm, a group of us gathered at the main lobby to meet the hotel's banquet team, and had a mini discussion and rehearsal. The ballroom was decorated with Roses and looks abit like 'Garden feel'.

That nite, I was in charge of the reception, the guest were hosted at the lobby's lounge area before the ballroom opened at 8pm. The couple hosted 35 tables, of the invited guest, most were very well-dressed... Everyone they know were there to give them their blessing... the feeling is special and nice.

Jasmine, Jocelyn & Me

During dinner, my table was a mix of different group of Janet's close friends. Other than the sisters in the bride's team, there were 2 new faces, Jovan & Joaquin. At first it was quite awkward, all of us didn't know what to say. Then I thought I should say something at least, otherwise the weird feeling will be haunting me. Got to know that Joaquin was Janet's ex-colleague and they got to know where I'm working and were consulting me about their investment with our competitor - which recently went into crisis. They looked worried, but i hope i've at least secured their confidence and will speak to their consultant soon. To me its definitely okay to speak general, after all its about consumer's confidence. I don't think there's any need to proach other's biz in crisis. Anyway, the table got more lively after we got to know each other better. And from quiet, we were rowdy~ :P

Very soon, the dinner ended with many thanks you and phototaking sessions... Couldn't believe a day just passed like this.

Marriage is a major milestone of a relationship. I was reflecting quite abit when the couple showed a montage of photos taken thru' out their relationship. I've seen this couple going thru' ups and downs and eventually settling together now.

Hmm... it feels good to be part of my good friends' life event... :) Best Wishes, Janet & Ivan!

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