Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Water Talk

Random Hydrology

Having a bad throat now... every cough feels like i'm coughing my throat out... my throat damn pain... scared cannot recover by itself before Matty's birthday celebration this saturday, so quickly went to see doctor to get some cough syrup and lozenges. haha hope i can recover by Friday! then singing on Saturday won't be a problem~!

By the way, Mathilda! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Its Mat Cow Day! K-union will ROCK this saturday!

Past 2 weeks have been sad and happy... the sad events made me real sad and helpless, but luckily i had a bunch of funny people who accompanied me, though they don't know what happened to me... frankly, i rather they don't know, then they won't ask, and i can behave like one siao person...

I went out with Angelia to have dinner, talked to her abit aboout what happened, then later that night, went singing with long time no see Tienkang and Ida. It was abit difficult to blend into their click that night, but still had some fun. Then went out 2-3 times with Joan, Ying, Shu Juan and Shu Zhen, to play pool, to eat mac, to kbox and did some funny nonsenses together. They may be young but they are very easy to get along and confortable to be with... i think of what crappy idea, they will also follow and do... won't say no good or anything... and they responded to my crappy jokes.... sometimes i'm the one behaving more like a small boy... kekez... those who know me, will know my naughty, playful, and crappy nonsenses. Yoz... thanks for the times~ Matty called me to go out, and i knew she wanted to talk to me regarding my problem, but i rejected... Sorry, but i know i'll be fine, didn't want to talk abt it that moment... thanks anyway~

During the past weeks, i also started going back to SWAMI... being able to put a smile on the elderly makes me feel happy~ some elderly & nurses whom i never talked to actually asked abt my injury, they know... :) I also started to learn guitar from a volunteer guitar club.... my hands abit retarded... haha... hope i can play some songs for people soon~

Dear and me are better now. Glad that she is able to give in this time, and take it as it is... Actually, i never expect things to go that way, but luckily its back on track... :)

Oh ya, I'm not using crutches liao... i forced myself to dumped it aside, cos i really missed taking buses! Limping is shag, i'm still enduring the difficulties i face, but i'll be fine... Some people, said i'm limping like Tie-tou in 'Yuan Dian'... People stop looking at me when i walk! kekez.. As long it doesn't kill me, it will make me stronger~

Hmm this coming Friday & Sunday, my volunteer group is giving Ang-pao to senior citizens in living in 1 or 2 rental flats....We are serving them buffet and putting up some performances, if you're free can join me....we need manpower to control and guide those elderly, as the places are abit inconvenient and we are talking abt 400 elderly..... 22/06, Friday, 5pm Henderson CC and 24/06, Sunday, 1pm Outram Secondary School.

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