Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Something about words...

Something about words...

Words... can words accurately express emotions?

"I am happy...really really happy..."

Do you think i'm really happy?

Are you using your mind to think whether i'm really happy or not?
Or you simply think i'm happy if i say i'm happy?

Nowadays, people become more and more complicated, you probably think more than you should. But its not wrong, because of human nature, especially towards people you don't know well, people who hurted/harmed you before, people you have not met before...etc. Its difinitely not wrong to have a second thought.

I don't trust words easily anymore. Words itself cannot be compared with Words spoken tone; Words with spoken tone cannot be compared with words with spoken tone and body gesture; Words with spoken tone and body gesture cannot be compared with words with spoken tone, body gesture and eye contact. The more the merrier~ Because if a person is lying, it makes that person more expose to making mistakes and loopholes. Sometimes it also involve sincerity, if a person really wants to express emotions correctly, he/she will choose to speak face to face, eye to eye.... because it will let the person feel safest [at least i think so...]

just another weird hydrology i thought of....

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