Wednesday, 5 August 2009

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I think things are slowly getting better for business... appt rate resuming; ppl whom i was surposed to meet 0.5 to 1 yr ago, without constant contacting, they still remember me and are still friendly; more referrals... im really glad about it... hopefully it wont slow down again... funny thing abt sales, is that they like to come when i'm busy... but I do quite enjoy to be busy... at least i know im alive!

This week, half of it is going to preparation for Singout09 finals... I've got quite alot of information and advertising script to deliver on the finals.. I'm glad to host the finals, making it a combo from Quarters-finals to Semi-finals and now... Grand Finals! Have to really thanks MS and the committee in placing their trust in me.. The hosting experience thru-out Singout09 was great! I had the flexibility in my speech even though sometimes i tend to be politically wrong! :p Thats my style in hosting, i guess.. Some contestants from the open group(senior citizens) praised me for my hosting, and I'm flattered. Im also happy to be able to mingle around with the contestants, cos i feel that interaction between hosts and ppl in the show is one of the most impt element to the success of the show... We can communicate better on stage with the extra understanding of individual's character... Anyway, all the best to the finalists!

Recently also completed the series of singing giggs for heartland events. Am also happy to have the chance to perform, thanks to XL Laoshi for making the arrangements. Most of the crowd i sang to were kids and senior citizens who were there to wait for lucky draw. Haha... not there to listen to me lah... some kids were running here and there... but i did my best to catch their attention with my singing and the much-complaint talking... i was complaint to talk too much... yup, i talk alot lah, but thats just because my heart is there to perform, to hype the crowd, not to sing and go... nevertheless, its also not good to talk too much... have to admit im a long-winded uncle... anyway, out of the 4 shows, im most happy with the last one at Teban Gardens, probably because I feel that the 3rd one was not up to my expectation plus the complaints... Good thing to end it with a high note, too bad i didnt video the good memories down... Actually..still got praises from some ppl at the giggs also, but they normally wont make it official...Collin has an inbuilt self-reflecting software, i know myself what i didnt do well, what i did... thats what experiences are for, yeah... i'll remind myself to be better.. :)

Life is always fair in some way its unfair... becos when we get some thing in life, we lose some thing else too; when we have some advantages, we'll also have some disadvantages... to be frank, im still stuck in tight financial situation, and i think it will continue for at least another 5 months, even if sales is better... i really hope i can pull-thru this by-far my worse time of life... im dreaming of ppl around me asking to pay this and that... nitemares! its tormenting my mental health at times... the other thing that is relatively bothering me more these day is abt something i wont say... haha... this sentence is so Collin... write here but dont want to tell... i just have to say im sad... really sad... i seriously doubt it was a result of over-thinking and over-sensitivity... cos there's alot of contrast from previous and now...and I dont know what to do... to tell or not to tell, to do or not to do... i really dont know what to believe, what not to...think for now, i'll just go by my instincts that i shld not disturb ur life, by keeping our lines parallel with some distances apart...

think im over relying on lyrics/poem writing to vent my tsunami of thoughts and emotions... cos there is really an increase in my hydro-nonsenses... thats all folks.. im evaporating... condense again next time...

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