Monday, 10 August 2009

Singout09 Grand Finals

Singout09 Grand Finals

What a day! After so many months, the Grand Finals finally came, and I'm happy to be able to host the entire competition from QF1 to Grand Finals. Got to know more acqaintances and some new friends along the way. Everyone says that Singout09's contestants are better than Singout08's, i do agree in terms of performance's standard. I'm impressed with some of the contestants's star quality.

I have to say again, I'm grateful to be given the chance to host round after round. After all, I'm not a student of MS, and the fact that there are so many talented students. I have to really thanks those people who were supportive of me hosting the show. I really need those support, because they are motivations and encouragements to me. Alot of things happened along the way, sometimes, I had to sacrifice some work-related things to go for rehearsal and had some conflict with some people at work, and the many parking coupons i teared, the few parking summons, and other shits that happened turned me off at times. However, everytime when i see people laughed, smiled and like my hosting, everything was worth it... Many asked if i'm paid, and when i said no, they will ask why still take the task... To me its a good learning experience and good exposure for myself. At least after hosting Singout09, i know about why people like about my hosting and what are the things i need to improve on... Thanks to some of the praises and some constructive suggestion and sincere comments.

Also thanks for giving me the Best Host Award - i know its an extra effort and surprise, the committee prepared for me... I appreciate it... :)

I'm giving myself 70/100 for the finals. I did eat quite a lot of screws here and there thru-out the show, and my stress management has lots of room for improvement. Overall, i think my language ability, humour and natural way of hosting were the plus points, and i did receive some good comments, and credits. I like the chemistry me and Zhuming built along the way. Zhuming was stable and more calm than i am, he was able to deliver his word well.

Congrats to all finalists! You are all winners! Nobody went back with nothing after all~ :)

Look forward to the upcoming post Singout09 gathering and Singout2010!

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