Thursday, 18 June 2009

《超级星光大道5 - 新加坡踢馆代表征选赛》

超级星光大道5 - 新加坡踢馆代表征选赛》

After auditions and semi-finals, the organisers and judges selected the Top 20. Among them are familiar faces from Project Superstar, Superband, Campus Superstar, S'pore Idol. And also among the 20 finalists, is Kueo Miaoru 魏妙如, she is one good singer you must listen and vote for to be one of the three Singapore's PK representatives...

SMS her contestant number 'S9' to 97171003
Normal SMS charges, No extra charges


remember to enter your email address before clicking on her photo to vote

I am her official Promotions and Support Campaign's Manager!! I am going to make sure her popularity increase within this 1 and half weeks, with the efforts of her friends, Xueling Laoshi and a group of VS graduates! We will be creating the best cheering and support on the actual day, 28th June @ Kallang Leisure Park! Support her ok! She will be on-air @ 1003FM again on 24th June(*subjected to changes), 9pm onwards, to sing and be interviewed by DJ Ken.

her performance @ Love The World Bistro(S'pore Flyer) for your reference.

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