Tuesday, 26 May 2009

i.Drive & Protect

i.Drive - Chauffeuring and Convenience Services

Tired of waiting for cab, and paying the high prices?
Wanna go shopping, but nobody is there to help?
Wanna go to inaccessible places for a special date but is always inconvenient?
Simply need a lift to beat the Queue?

I am serious about these services. Very often I hear people complaining abt their cab fare, some people's daily cab fare can be as high as $80 - $100. And the queue during peak hours are crazy... Most of all, for those who has been enduring taxi-uncles ranting and nonsenses; having me as your chauffeur is definitely more ideal.

Whole Day Booking (10hours): $80
Any additional hours thereafter: $8/hour
Any distance > 100km, will be charged @ $1.70/km *subjected to prevailing fuel price
Charges exclude parking fee & entry fees to sentosa (if applicable)

Half Day Booking (5hours): $45
Addtional hours thereafter: $9/hour
Any distance >50km, will be charged @ $1.70/km *subjected to prevailing fuel price
Charges exclude parking fee & entry fee to sentosa (if applicable)

Pick & Go
10km: $15 / 15km: $20 / 20km: $25 / 25km: $30 / 30km: $35 / 35km: $40 / 40km: $45 / 45km: $50
(X km + 5 = $Price)
Charges exclude parking fee, ERP & entry fee to sentosa (if applicable)

Special Drive (only for whole day booking)
Vehicle Rental Cost + Whole Day Book Charges + any unforeseen cost

The above services are provided for friends and members only, email your request to collin.chan@ymail.com together with your contact number and name to become a member. I will then release my mobile number for your booking convenience.

For Whole Day Booking & Half Day Booking, you are adviced to give at least 48hours notice.
For Special Drive, you are adviced to give at least 1 week notice to ensure smooth reservation procedure for the vehicle of your choice.
For Pick & Go, you are adviced to give 1.5hours of notice via my mobile number.

All services listed (excluding Special Drive), will be chauffeured by me in my 07' Toyota Vios FL. The vehicle will at all time be well-maintained and for your comfort. All services are only available in Singapore. Regulars will enjoy a 10% discount. Refer a client to me and enjoy 10% discount on your next booking. I promise to drive at your comfort and abid safety regulations however, I will not be held responsible for any injuries, accidents and unforseen mishaps.

Protect yourself and Loved ones
I am actively helping friends and public to upgrade their CPF Medishield plan to a 100% coverage hospitalisation plan. Trust me, its essential nowadays and most of all, there's no cash involved for certain level of coverage. Start early to avoid exclusion of conditions and future complications.

I can't say anymore due to compliance regulations, hence contact me for more details.

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