Monday, 21 January 2008

1st of 2008

1st of Two Zero Zero Eight

Today is the 21st day of January, and now then I'm posting my 1st post of the year~ All thanks to the busy schedule and my bro~ Anyway, I never really had much time to surf at home~

Alright, lets start with the last day of 2007 & first day of 2008. I was planning for a private celebration with Dear, hence I rented a car, to avoid squeezing bus/mrt, and long waiting time. I only got the vehicle at night, went to fetch dear and brought her to Changi Village to eat her favourite Chicken Cutlet Ipoh Hor Fun, and my favourite 'Red Tea Jelly & Longan' Dessert. After dinner, we went to Terminal 3 to count down. The place is cool~ I like the plants and interior design. Most of all, there was no one 'guarding' it, I went around playing at the department hall's counter equipments. Played with the luggage belt cum weighing machine and out of curiously i went to press the belt control button and the belts moved, but a loud buzz went off... LOL... some people around us were stunned including us! hahaha... actually nothing one, its normal~ just that the place is too quiet, the buzz turned out to be louder~ Thereafter, we drove down to Bt Timah and played pool with Chester & Dorine.

2nd Day, dear and I went vivocity, and central for shopping and lunch. We tried the authentic Japanese Ramen on level 3 of Central. I love the soup, its very rich in taste and its uses chicken soup which is different from some. The cha shu melted in my mouth... Must try it! Then we went to Sentosa to meet Chester & Dorine to watch the Songs of the Sea Musical Fountain. Its quite nice, but it was the ambience at Sentosa that attracted me. I felt like I was really a tourist, and the view there is some much different from the past. I guess the good windy weather was one of the factor that added the X-factor to the ambience that evening. We took a stroll along the beach and ended up at Coffee Bean drinking, eating and chatting.

Fast forward to 11th of January. It was the day before my birthday, after work I went down to Tian Hwee's work studio to audition for singing class. Yes, I finally decided to learn some techniques of singing, cos I'm really irritated by my limitation in singing. I want to be able to express emotions better in singing thru' better techniques and coaching. Anyway, it was sort of a birthday present for myself. After that, I went to meet up with Dear at bugis to have dinner. We met up with Chester & Dorine later and we drove around and ended up Labrador Park for a stroll. Dear and the couple, bought me a Strawberry Strudel for birthday, and we count-down and celebrated my birthday there, 'quietly' with a bit of commotion.

On the actual day, Dear was busy with SP open house, hence we only met up late afternoon. She planned to bring me to Equinox @ Raffles City, using a voucher she won in a lucky draw. But my blur dear, as usual wasn't attentive to details and didn't realise that the voucher can only be used during weekdays. Lucky I was quick to notice it before we went up, otherwise the dinner will cost a bomb for her. To avoid her disappointment, I picked a cheaper yet not so lousy place to let her treat me, we went to Pariss for buffet. Frankly its not nice lor, 1st time there and will be the last time. Later that night, we went to watch 'American Gangster' with Mr C & Miss D. I like the show! Its not action action type but it has an attractive story about a smart gangster, I like Denzel Washington's acting in the show.

The next day, me and Jacky went singing at the new KTV at Bugis, in the ex-icon building. The service there not bad, interior deco oso nice but the system is not easy to use and the songs are not as up-to-date. Overall, didn't like there. After that we went to meet up with the Bt Panjang people at Marina Sq's MOF for Japanese food. The food is okay there, but i must say that the dessert there is nice~! We had a mini celebration there. After dinner, we went to play bowling! It was fun! We split ourselves into 2 groups and challenged.

And lastly just recently, last weekend. went to Wharfman Fish & Chip near Clarke Quay with Mad Club. It was a super last minute outing, I wasn't informed until few hours before. I rushed down from SWAMI after service, and had dinner there. The fish & chip is tasteless, the fries were not fried properly-alot were over fried and the other dish was too oily. I didn't finish my food. Anyway, after dinner we walked over to Clarke Quay's Clinic, and wanted to chill there, but me and dear were surpposed to meet Chester & Dorine, so we left earlier, and joined them for dinner at Central and a game of pool at Bt Timah.

I want to thank some people here for the well wishes, celebration and presents.

First of All, definitely have to thanks my dear-Jaymee for the arrangement and the new hp you brought for me!

Next, Chester & Dorine, for the time spent together and the countless efforts made.

The Bt Panjang people-Yanting, Shuling, Xan, Joyce, Eric, Daniel, Limin(including C & D) for the celebration and the wallet.

Thanks Limin for the T-shirt.

Thanks Boon Seng for the dinner treat.

Thanks Mad Club-Michelle, Cherie, Hanlin, Suyin, Jacky, Apple, Ian, Zhebin, Jacob, for the dinner and the Shirt.

Thanks Kelly for the pen!

Thanks for the sms/phone/friendster well wishes from Star(Lynnett), Kelvin Goh, Jacky & Kelvin Lim, Chester & Dorine, Joyce, Yanting, Jeanette, Shuling, Jasmine Tan, Min Hui, Joan Lee, Jingyi, Kelly, Boon Seng, Agnes Low, Xan, Eric, Michelle, Daniel, Michael, Alan Oh, Cherie, Han Lin, Tien Wee, Liling.

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