Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Singapore High Court?

Singapore High Court?

I am DAMN MAD now... Some China People is using the name of Singapore High Court to con now! Please practice caution and let everyone know about it...

What happened?
I am still sleeping, since i was told to go work at 1pm by my boss... at about 1030am, today (26/12) my residential phone rang, and i picked up.... i was received by a chinese voice recorded message, saying something like this "这是Singapore High Court 语音录音,您有一则讯息。更多详情请按9" (This is Singapore High Court voice recorded message, you have an information. For more detail please push 9). I didn't think much, thought High Court so i pressed 9. Then i was pulled thru a music - Show Luo's Hui Se Gong Jian, then i was finding it weird... High Court use music that is so not "official"? Then a Chinese Woman answered the call, she said "Singapore High Court" and the rest she spoke chinese in the rich china-influenced slang. Asked me is this number is residential or company number. Then tried to ask for my full name... I asked if i could receive the message via voice recorded message again..then she insist i need to provide my full name. but before she could get my full name, I disrupted the conversation by speaking English to her saying "It okay, I will be expecting a letter from High Court, if its important, I think this is another scam, BYEBYE!"

I'm damn angry with those cheaters! I received phone calls from China-people via hp before and was nearly cheated without any prior information about the scams. These idiots are using "Singapore High Court" a high authority's name to cheat.... They will not be forgiven...! I've tried to contact the newslines but it seems that they are not answering... So i had no choice but to post here! I suspect that they are using the name Singapore High Court, either out of convenient and thinking that its an authority, the people who answer to phone calls will be worried if they had done anything wrong... or they are an actual company by the name of "Hi Court", "Hi Cord", or "高庭", "高格"! If you know anyone working in the press or media, please let them know to expose this scam before people get cheated!

I got to rush and prepare for work... Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

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