Thursday, 22 November 2007

Negative Morning

Negative Morning

Someone made me wanna add arguments in my cover letter to show that CCA/Social Activities are also a form of experience and definitely hardwork! Someone from job agency tried to bullshit to me!

It all started with a resume i sent... i saw this executive assistant job with good pay, so i just sent my resume to try luck... the same day in the afternoon when i was going out to Jacky's place, someone called, i immediately thought it was Jacky and was trying to ask him whether his place was raining in my opening sentence.... then an unfamiliar voice replied me... then i realised its not Jacky.. He was the guy i emailed regarding the job... the unusual opening to our conversation led to a good ending, when he asked me if i want to join his company instead, then he will refer me to his colleagues. I was quite happy becos its the first reply after sending out some resumes.

2 days later, which is today [just now] someone called... and i woke up immediately from dreamland to answer his call... he was telling me that he was reading thru my resume and would like to know what kind of jobs i'm looking... then i said maybe HR [becos i assumed this is a follow up call, recruitment = HR right?] anyway he told me off by saying i have no experience, difficult even though some companies don't mind fresh graduates...then suddenly say got 1 accounts assistant position, don't need ACCA qualifications one, and don't mind fresh graduate one...and keep nagging at me that i don't have experience don't have experience blah blah blah... then why not consider the job....and after all the negative comments, he say he is not trying to push the job to me ask me consider... which sounds bullshiting to me... you were obviously derailing me and trying to push sales... and he asked me what other jobs i like to look for... i said events... then he say same thing no experiences... then i said i wanna use some experience i've gained from my social activities to the job i gonna do, events is one of the things i always do...then he said its just CCA... wah this is really too much... the fact that i'm fresh, my resumes really got nothing much to write... i include my social activities and my achievement with the groups.... and above all those are hard work! what do you mean by its just CCA.... so its just for kids level..not good enough to be considered.... at least i have something to write about... lastly he asked me to get back to him if i'm interested in the accounts assistant job... anyway, i don't even remember that fellow's name..... he didn't even made it clear at the start...mumbled his name to me...

i feel so so so wanna write in the cover letter to respect work, especially voluntary work! anyway in case i was too naggy and you didn't know why i nagging now... its simply becos of the 'its just CCA' comment... others contents of conversation, i'm still ok... cos i know its part of his job to push sales... lol.... he stepped on my tail when he don't recognise my efforts in volunteering....

whatever lah, i will still continue my quest of the JOB~

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