Saturday, 27 October 2007

Disappeared 26 days

Disappeared 26 days

I'm back! [i've been using this phrase very often, think alot other bloggers use it often too]

actually to a certain extent, i did it on purpose.... haha to let the ktv recordings stay as visible as possible... no lah not really lah.... maybe just becos i had lesser chances to use the computer and whenever i use it, i was either half-dead or almost dead, after working and travelling...16 hours gone just like that everyday...

did alot of things during these 26 days.... many many friend outings, a few birthday parties, brough elderlys to chinatown and sengkang's charity dinner, a complimentary concert, a few ktv sessions, and not to forget work work work work work work work work work work.... [work refers to ns]

anyway, i noticed the number of guest visiting has been increasing... i know several of you out there visits here religously, seeing the same posts for 26 days.... also noticed some people listened to the ktv recordings showing preferance to some songs... kekez thanks for the support care and concern..... thats y i'm posting now! kekez...

but sadly, i ending this entry here... i'll write soon.... *wave as if i have alot of fans* lol... i'm a disgusting morron~! lalalala...

Possible entries that are coming soon
-song Intros
-ord lor!
-my new good friend
-places i hate to be alone

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