Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Dear's 21st Bday

Dear's 21st Birthday @ Orchard Scotts Residences
Finally, my dear's most anticipated event of the year was successfully celebrated last saturday. Actually since last year, dear has been nagging to me about how important her 21st birthday means to her. She definitely wanted it to be nice and different. Different is a difficult factor, I had to source unique venues and think of ideas for her birthday. Initially wanted to rent a shophouse unit along liang seah st, cos i've been to one of it and found it a cool and cosy venue to host a birthday gathering, then also thought having it a some restaurants, shouldn't name them cos i'm keeping it for future use... otherwise not surprising for dear liao.. kekez.. then one fine day, her sister said that she could get as a venue at a serviced appartment... at first we were reserved with the idea, but after seeing the place... wah it was almost definite that the place was cool! Orchard Scotts Residences is like the idea living place. The landscape design of the open spaces around the appartment blocks looked comtemporary, modern and relax. Furthermore the interior design of the pavilion was like an outdoor pub.

Dear invited her previous schoolmates, colleagues, swami's volunteers and some friends. She was happy to see a good turnout that evening. I was busy from the morning to the evening, from preparing signature board to balloon deco to collection of her 2 tier cake to getting present for dear on behalf of her friends to answering the numerous phone calls to entertaining the guests... lol.. basically i was all over the place. It was great to have a good friend, Chester who drove me around to get my checklist ticked.

my bukit panjang kakis

I'm happy to see dear happy for the success of the party. She was like a princess that evening, having a cool venue with balloons deco around the place; friends of everywhere coming over to give her the best wishes; a princess' 2 tier cake with tiara and pearls... Some people joked that it looked like our ROM.. lol... anyway, my job is done and efforts considered paid-off.

dear's princess cake

After the party, we went up mount faber with chester, dorine, yanting, joyce, melvin, yee xuan, silvia, peishi, johnny to have some drinks and chilled there... the live band was singing some nice oldies, think its the best way to end a day at such relaxing place. Dear and I were hungry, but we thought the kitchen's closed so dear suggested we eat cup noodles when we get back to the appartment. Dear drank 'ballerina' without an empty stomach, and ended up dizzy and was throwing up some fluid before we left... kekez... she was complaining to me about how bad she was feeling.... but still she accompanied to buy cup noodles and promised to eat with me later that night... when we reached the appartment, she threw up again and was feeling better... we sat in the living room watching tv, eating our cup noodles... the feeling was so sweet.. :) after that it was bed time, but i wasn't really tired... and was talking non-stop about how 'stupid' and direct i was the whole day, talking nonsense and feeling high... kekez... poor dear had to listen to my rantings before she fall asleep... lol...

dear and me with her signature board

I'm sure it was a memorable birthday for her, and i'm happy to be part of her fond memories... :) all the best for your future endeavours... love~

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