Tuesday, 10 July 2007



Just went for medical appointment in the morning with mummy... doctor said the pain i experiencing is part of the process; now that my knee's mechanism has changed, and i'm using my leg differently from previous, pressure point becomes different. Furthermore, my quads muscle is still small, hence it takes at least a year to resume back to normal. I'm given another 6 weeks' extension of medical leave.

After doctor appointment, went for physio, my physiotherapist given me 1 new exercise, holding medicine ball, raise up and forward, while standing on 1 leg... damn shag~ haha... then during a conversation with her, she asked about my previous schools, and we actually were from the same institute and secondary school! hahaha so so so 巧, she is my super senior~ haha...

Changed the blog picture & song, adjusted the font size and etc... just some minor minor changes... when valentia sent me some english songs, i was attracted by this song's feel... music and lyrics... i couldn't play it via 'imeem' cos of some permission clause, so i loading the song from another source, therefore can pause the song by the previous button, however u can still stop the song by pressing the "stop" - red cross icon on your explorer...

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